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Progressive Systems has made the highest production, fastest set-up kitchen cabinet manufacturing machinery since 1990.  We manufacture many types of machines for making cabinet doors, drawer fronts, rails and stiles, base and wall end panels, and other cabinet components.  Machines for the cabinet industry include single and double end tenoners, panel ripping and cut-to size machines, rail and stile coping machines, toe notch and drill machines, and automatic feeders and stackers.  Our machines use the latest technology, and our experienced team of control engineers will fully integrate our equipment with your network.  Always American Made.

Tenoners are woodworking machines that are used to produce tenons (projecting wooden members) that fit into a mortise. The tenons and mortises are used to make fixed joints for doors, cabinets, windows and other items for the building products industry using a variety of materials.  A tenoner is also a general term used for a single or double sided chain fed woodworking machine. Progressive Systems is one of world’s leading manufacture of tenoners.