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Since engineering our first window machine in 1987, Progressive Systems Inc. (PSI) has been challenging the status-quo of machines in the building products industry. Over the past 30 years PSI’s machines have improved with the developing technology, but many of our initial designs are still in the field, working very well. Every machine is built to our customer’s precise specifications, completely custom from start to finish. The designs are unmatched in the industry and provide the highest production rates, fastest set-up times, best finishes and tolerances and require the least amount of maintenance.  

PSI’s window machines make windows in infinite sizes, assorted designs and with all material types.  We help you create custom mull posts, interior and exterior sashes, and grill bars. The machines give you an exact result whether you are cutting, routing or drilling. Now, more than ever consumers want custom windows throughout their home and business.  You need a machine that can deliver a superior product in many different shapes and sizes and in all types of materials. Progressive Systems Inc. has a solution to fit all of your needs. Always proudly made in the USA.

Tenoners are woodworking machines that are used to produce tenons (projecting wooden members) that fit into a mortise. The tenons and mortises are used to make fixed joints for doors, cabinets, windows and other items for the building products industry using a variety of materials.  A tenoner is also a general term used for a single or double sided chain fed woodworking machine. Progressive Systems is one of world’s leading manufacture of tenoners.

Some of our most popular window machines are listed below.  Please contact us if you are unable to find a machine that fits your needs.  Always American Made.