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Not only is Progressive Systems Inc. proud of our advanced, highest production machines, but we are also pleased to offer world-renowned service.  We offer technical services in the field, remotely and also IT service.  Our impeccable service reputation, level of expertise and professionalism, all combine to best partner with you to get your machine(s) up and running. Not only is each technician thoroughly trained on servicing your machine(s), but they are also an assembler.  This level of service significantly minimizes your down time.

Contact our experienced service department today by clicking below or calling us at 1-800-841-1392 

We can help with Cabinet Machinery, Door Machinery, I-Joist Machinery, Tile Machinery, Panel Machinery, Plastics Machinery, Foam Machinery, Rip Saw, Tenoner, Tenon, Ceiling Tile, Chainway, Hold down, Feed Chain, Sizing, Door Sizer, Clamping Saw, Flying Saw, Double Ender, Double End. Double End Tenoner, Single End, Panel Sizing, Router, Routing, CNC, Computer Controller Woodworking, Mortise, High production rates, Fast set-up times